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Operational Sanctions

2nd April 2007

The Port of Felixstowe confirms that operational sanctions may be invoked at any time, affecting Declarants that adopt/maintain a policy of non-payment of Charges, including Security Charge and Infrastructure Charge, found under section 2 of the Port Tariff.

The Port is obliged to differentiate the service it provides to payers and any customers that will not pay. Accordingly the Port will prioritise container yard service in favour of Declarants that are paying these charges.


Any full containers for which a non-paying customer is the Declarant (Nominated Agent), will receive a lower priority within the Port's yard operations and may therefore be unavailable for collection. The Community system (Destin8) INQ screen will indicate this status, displaying "NOT AVAIL" in the Wharfinger Information, Terminal Location field, in real-time and for as long as a container is unavailable for collection. Once resources are made available to permit the collection of such units, the “Location” field will revert to indicating normal terminal information "TTY" or "LNG".

Exports (Security Charge Only):

Any full containers for which a non-paying customer is the Badge Holder, will not be received by the Port of Felixstowe to the container yards. Any haulier arriving to tip a container affected by such circumstances, will be issued a manual gate-pass in order to exit the Teminal without being serviced.

Service Check:

In order to assist with daily planning and to avoid abortive journeys this facility has been provided such that Hauliers and Train Operators can view customer specific information relating to Operational sanctions.

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  • The system will return confirmation of the sanction status applicable to the badge code queried.